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    More adventures in sauna sex, phone sex, sex-club sex, sex with strangers, at home and outside. Mainly in London, but with an occasional trip abroad.

Stranger by the Lake: Initial Thoughts

Those of us who have sex in public places have seen people kill each other or ask to be killed and have done nothing. We return to those places where crimes of neglect are being committed and we keep fucking, some of us without protection. All of us are witnesses to atrocities and still we … Continue reading

Vladimir Putin on His Back

It landed up being one of those night where we all had the same name. Mike, Miguel, Mikko, and then there was the Japanese guy, Seiji. One after the other, and all so willing. It was one of those nights at the sauna after which I cycled home thinking: Thank you, God, for men. Thank … Continue reading

When Someone Good Dies

A man I had sex with many years ago died on Saturday. I didn’t know he was ill. We had sex only once, but we spent a few hours together and I think we liked each other. Our sex was intense, but more than that, the time we were together was intimate. We were two … Continue reading

The Night of the Hung Bottoms

Dean points to the guy and says to me: Is he a bottom, do you think? And I’m like: You know what, I’ll go and check and get back to you. So I follow the guy into the darkroom. He’s tall, my height, but slimmer and with a hairier chest. He has one of those … Continue reading

All the Men You Meet from One Weekend to the Next

1. He’s from Cairns. He’s been in London for ten years and has never gone back. “Never?” I say. He says he will go back, that he’ll retire there. “How old are you now?” He’s 41. He looks good for 41. He’s tall and very blonde and his body’s in good shape. He’s in marketing. … Continue reading

Romantic Interlude: Every Question Answered

All I have of you is your body and the stories you tell. I don’t see what you keep by your bedside, the books you read, the moisturisers you use. I don’t see what you look like in the mornings – are you grumpy? – what you smell like after a night’s sleep, even those … Continue reading

Review by Alan Chin, Examiner.com

The Confessions got 5 stars from Alan Chin. Read the review here.

Men and Fucking and a Room of Our Own

After a long time of not seeing him he was there this week and I was sorry I’d already come and was thinking of going home because I would have enjoyed being with him again, as I always do. He was looking well. So well, in fact, that for a moment I thought it might … Continue reading

Death and the Matrix

He says he misses the porn videos they used to show upstairs, but now that part of the sauna is closed. “Yeah,” I say. “Since somebody died in there.” “You serious?” he says. “About a month ago,” I say. We imagine that the body must be decomposing, or that the management just can’t be bothered … Continue reading

Watching the Neighbours

I know, I haven’t posted anything for ages. And it’s not for want of doing anything. I’ve been whoring around as much as usual. But sometimes you have sex, and mostly it’s good sex, but nothing really makes you want to sing about it, or write about it. Things have been crappy on the family … Continue reading


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